Logan (loganoid) wrote in yale_2010,

PIN Number

So I sent the email to the lady about receiving no news on my PIN by 6/20 with hopes of her getting back to me at that exact second so I could finally find out my residential college/room assignments/etc. But alas, no. Did anyone who's still missing their PIN hear back from her today?
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i'm also missing mine, but i did not hear back from her today.

i didn;t hear back...also, the rescollege loophole is gone, so we have to wait for the other real mailing.
They don't have the thing for your address, but if you go to the Facebook, it still comes up with your res college.

Yea, I sent them an email a few days ago about not having mine yet and then I received a reply saying that if I don't get my PIN by the first of July, then I should email them again.
By the first of July? My reply said that I should wait for June 20th... Oh lord.


June 21 2006, 17:03:04 UTC 11 years ago

Call them and they will give it to you over the phone.
Did they give it to you? Who did you call specifically?


June 21 2006, 18:22:47 UTC 11 years ago

Yes, they gave it to me.


Just tell them you're calling about your NetID and how you received an email to contact them if you hadn't received your PIN by the 20th. That's all I said and then the woman asked for my name and NetID and then gave me the PIN.
I just called and she gave it to me. Now I just have to activate!
nooooooo when i call its "mailbox something something" and they wont talk to me........
ahhhhh that happened to me too. pooey
i did...and they wouldn't.
me too
me three

i still don't have the damn thing...


June 22 2006, 14:33:59 UTC 11 years ago

Just try calling again (with the number above) and annoy them into submission.

And once you activate your NetID (and for those who already have), http://yale.facebook.com/p.php?id=315591&l=8bbae023f4


June 22 2006, 14:36:01 UTC 11 years ago

Oh, if anyone was wondering, the reason all of my comments have been anonymous is that I don't sign in with personal accounts when I am using monitored computers.
i just called and the lady just gave it to me..i think sooooooo many ppl called and they are just like "oh, what the heck!"
i called earlier today and the lady said my name wasn't on the net id list and i would have to wait for the letter... go yale