nzle (nzle) wrote in yale_2010,

introductory post + question about morse...

so i'm pretty psyched about yale, i found out my PIN two days ago by calling the admissions office and i'm in morse!! is anyone else? and to the people in class of 2009 and back, why is everyone so disparaging of morse???
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it's far, it's ugly, and its food isn't great.

but yall have some pretty cool people and are close to payne whitney gym and the bookstore and a bunch of stores. and plus you're in nice freshman year housing to make up for the other years ;), any opinions from people actually IN morse that might make me feel better???
I'm not in Morse but...

So, there are great things and not-so great things about every college. Because Morse wasn't constructed with the gothic or georgian style in mind, it's commonly said that it's not the most aesthetically pleasing college. But, I think that you're pretty much guaranteed a single while living there. Plus, you all have some pretty Plus, at Jane said, you're pretty close to the gym and Broadway. Plus, Durfee's freshman housing is among the best. (The annex space there is also supposed to be nice as well.)
besides, you at least HAVE a pin number. they wouldn't give me mine when i called.
try calling again! i heard that some employees there are nicer than others, like, one lady gives them out but another doesn't.


June 25 2006, 02:59:30 UTC 11 years ago

nzle, I'm in Ezra Stiles, Morse's twin sister. From a pre-frosh perspective, I LOVE the Stiles/Morse complex--singles abound, close to the gymnasium (I need encouragement to work out, hehe...), crazy individualistic architecture, you Morsels have the lipstick-on-treads statue... also, Morse/Stiles frosh live in Lawrance (I think) which is the nicest OC housing.

then again, I haven't actually lived there...but I personally am excited!
er...I posted that, but didn't know I wasn't logged in...
yeah i guess you're right! in housing we win...and who needs gothic architecture anyway, right?? (actually, the gothic campus was one of my reasons to go, but i think i'll get over it)


11 years ago

I'm going to be in Morse too!

Two goods things about Morse:
We're called "Morsels."
And our mascot is the walrus.
Which is awesomeness.

I'll admit, I was disappointed when I found out at first (I don't really like modern archcitecture, and I wanted a suite set-up) but I've only heard good things about the community. I think we'll have a blast. :) Plus, Durfee is supposed to be great.
"morse, morse, hung like a horse!" is pretty awesome too!!
walruses! that makes it all okay. though i don't know what resco im in yet...
I'm in Morse!
And I like it. I was a little disappointed too (I wanted to live in a castle...), but the perks are seriously amazing. :-D

Plus, we're called morsels.
I haven't ever introduced myself here, but I saw this and had to come back. I'm Nicole in Morse '09 and it's completely amazing.
I admit that, like you guys said, I was pretty crushed when I found out. But Morse has so many things to recommend it. To name a few:
1) You will have the best freshman housing experience ever. Durfee is located in the middle of everything, has the convenience store Durfee's right underneath it (so convenient that I dared to go there multiple times in these terrible leopard-print slippers I somehow own) for brain food at 2 in the morning or whatever, and the rooms are amazing. Our suite had a large common room with a fireplace, 3 singles and 2 doubles, all of which were large enough to have our desks in them (a lot of people have to move them into the common room to have enough space) even with the beds unbunked. The 10-ft ceilings make them feel even bigger. It's great.
2) Living in Morse isn't the step down from Durfee that everyone makes it out to be. This year, every single person in Morse is in a single or walk-through (you have a single, but have to walk through someone else's to get to it). The rooms are generally very large and have built-in desks and bookshelves and stuff like that. It's not anything like the Gothic dorms, but that's not a bad thing.
3) Our Master is great. He's not only a very nice guy, but he's very enthusiastic about giving students funds for their activities. A few freshman wanted to throw bigger parties in Durfee, and our master gave them a Yale credit card. That was it. Plus, the Freshmen Counselor, big sib and other programs are given more money so they have more resources at their disposal, and rock harder. During finals, every suite was delivered a box of a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts. It's ridiculous.
4) Morse's location is admittedly far from the Chapel St. area and a few class buildings. But it's closer to things I frequented far more often this year, like the law school (where you can use your meal swipe for a la carte items) and the precious few restaurants open late: Yorkside, A-1, and Ivy Noodle. I spent so much time eating/talking with friends in the Broadway area that I wished I lived in Morse already.
5) It's close to the gym, but you hear that all the time.
6) We have the best residential college library, hands down. It has multiple levels, with all these secret nooks with insanely comfortable leather chairs. As someone who needs to feel comfortable while studying and thus usually does in the comfort of her own room, this library converted me.
7) The dining hall grows on you. It's true - the food isn't the best. But the good thing about that is that no one really eats there who isn't in Morse (or coming back from the gym). That makes for really good meals because...
8) People in Morse are its best feature, despite the sampling of things I've talked about. I really can't say that more sincerely.

This is a wonderful wonderful comment. Thank you!! (and now I'm excited)


June 24 2007, 19:00:44 UTC 10 years ago

Morse is FANTASTIC! I would NEVER NEVER choose to switch out of Morse! Morse's greatest feature is the people and I can tell you that gothic architecture or good food CANNOT compete with the amazing friendship you will form with Morse students! AND Morse has THE MOST GORGEOUS courtyard out of all the residential colleges--big trees and a sloping lawn really show off the architectural masterpiece that is Morse college--in the spring it is absolutely breath taking--dont be fooled by the rumors that Morse is ugly because it is far from it!