iwant2succeed (iwant2succeed) wrote in yale_2010,

I Need Someone's Help

Hi guys. Like the titles states, I need your help. 
Basically, I applied regular decision for the class of 2011. For the most part, Yale is my number one choice.  I briefly visited Yale with my parents and just did a simple tour. I know a student can get a lot more from a visit when s/he stays over night with a current student, and that's where you come in : )!
I don't know anyone that goes to Yale now, so I was wondering if any of you students would be willing to let me sleep on your floor one weekend and show me around :( *puppy face*. 

I would appreciate it sooooo much. Please please please someone. 

So, I'm Marlene, 17. Hm, idk what else to say.

If you'd be willing to do me that huge favor, you can either reply to this with your email or AIM or something, or you could just email me at goesaroundgoes@yahoo.com

Thank you so much,
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