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we're 1/8th closer to the end! noooo!

hey fellow freshmen. yay for yale.

now that reading week is coming, and that 1st semester is coming to a close, i kinda wanted to see were everyone's favorite classes? or least favorite? any really, really awesome professors out there? or things that other people might not know about?

i wonder how much of you guys are still posting of lj?

like... ALYSSA!

i'd start, but i don't want to.

okay. maybe i will--but just a little. chem lab 119L is essentially hell on earth. but i think it's just the general case for chem lab. if you're looking for a really, really good intro course of L5 spanish, take spanish 244. it's a really good mix of reading and writing and movies--basicallyl everything. and the teacher is a darling. it's also not tremendous amounts of work--depending on how fast you can read in spanish. chem 118 was pretty exciting, as far as general-chem-lecture courses go. the professor is pretty cool. he's pretty passionate about quantum mechanics.

oh, and french 115 is pretty cool. yay for french. and audio/video series. it's a lot of busy work, but it's kinda fun busy work. at least in the nerdy yale sense.

but i'm kinda at a loss as to what to take next semester. not that shopping period has even started. i just remembered the existence of this community, so i thought i'd post.

wishing you a happy, relaxing, and (possibly) productive reading week,
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